Are you getting married or planning an event and not sure you need a coordinator? After all, your venue most likely has a venue coordinator, right? Here are some questions I have heard on this topic and, hopefully, this might help in your decision making.

I love all the venue coordinators I have worked with. I could not do my job, successfully, if it wasn't for good venue coordinators. For the most part, they oversee a part of the wedding that we don't. They oversee the venue and everything that comes along with that from the grounds, kitchen, staffing, and making sure everything that was contracted is full-filled.  A  wedding coordinator is with you during your planning process, attending vendor meetings, helping in design designs, keeping in contact with your vendors, watching your budget , and of course all the day-of duties!

  • How early should I start getting ready
  • How am I getting to my venue
  • What is a good tip for my vendors
  • How will the DJ know to announce us for the reception
  • When will my flowers be ready
  • Pro's and Con's to a 1st look
  • Who is placing my centerpieces
  • My maid of honor is my coordinator, how will she be able to line everyone up for the rehearsal and on the day of the wedding if she is in the wedding
  • How will my photographer know where to be at the reception
  • Where do all my personal items go at the end of the night
  • How do I know if a plated dinner is a good idea for my guest count
  • Who cuts my cake
  • I have handicapped guests, how will they get to their seats

Hiring a Day-Of Coordinator is a huge part of your vendor team! It's not always clear to our clients what our role is leading up to your wedding and on the day-of your wedding. We are more than a set-up and tear-down crew, we are making sure everything runs smoothly. If there is anything that happens, we are there to fix it and make it right! One of the best gifts you could possibly give yourself, is to hire a day-of coordinator!

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